Mr. Frank Roselieb

is managing director and head of research of the Crisisnavigator - Institute for Crisis Research, a "spin-off" of the University of Kiel (Germany). His research focus is on crisis management, early warning systems, business continuity management, disaster management, crisis communications, issues management, risk management, safety management, corporate restructuring and strategy.

He is member of board of the German Crisis Management Society (DGfKM). In addition to that, Frank Roselieb is the initiator and editor-in-chief of the information services Crisisnavigator (ISSN 1619-2400) respectively Krisennavigator (ISSN 1619-2389) and the magazines Krisenmagazin (ISSN 1867-7541) respectively Restrukturierungsmagazin (ISSN 1867-7517).

Since 1998, he is managing director of the affiliated Crisisnavigator Consulting and has established, audited, optimised respectively certified complete systems for crisis, risk and business continuity management for more than 500 companies, public institutions, associations, foundations and political parties. Around 3.000 top executives and managers have been trained in crisis exercises and media trainings, lectures and workshops. Crisisnavigator's head office is located in Kiel, Germany. The institute operates a branch office in Hamburg, Germany.

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